Compassion Withheld, Compassion Denied

It is the vigil of Thanksgiving and in the early morning hours of this vigil I am preoccupied and sleepless.  Thanksgiving always brings me memories of the Pilgrim Colonist in 1621 celebrating a day of prayer and Thanksgiving which centuries later evolved into a national holiday in the United States. 

The Mayflower brought these seekers of religious freedom to what is now the United States of America.  Despite their treacherous journey and beginnings in a new land, they found refuge in Plymouth, MA.  How can we forget that our land which gave refuge to our ancestors was misappropriated from Native Americans?

Perhaps Thanksgiving is a day to ask forgiveness from the Native American Community.

My mind continues to be haunted by images of refugees – boats tipping over with refugees; millions of women, men and children walking, walking and walking across lands to find refuge; and the body of a small child washed up on the shore.

Compassion withheld, compassion denied plagues me as the House of Representatives votes to halts Syrian refugee influx.  Compassion withheld, compassion denied as less than ten states are open to receiving Syrian refugees.

I live in the hope that someday may we as a nation may be able to proclaim loud and clear – Compassion for All! No Exceptions!

One thought on “Compassion Withheld, Compassion Denied

  1. Over and over we are given the same lesson. …….over and over we keep choosing not to “get it”. How many times will we continue to answer the call for help with answers cloaked in fear and concern for ourselves and not empowered by love, compassion and a deep feeling of “us” that is constantly growing. We sit. We say the loving-kindness meditation. A practice. The energy from that focused time…….through the butterfly affect……is a baby step. Now…..take the next step and do simple acts of kindness for random people. ….everyday……a few more each day. Your heart will change. From the power of kindness by piero ferrucci “……kindness in all its aspects can become an extraordinary inner adventure that radically changes our way of thinking and being, and move us briskly along in our personal and spiritual growth.”


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