Let Love and Compassion Color your Crystal

By Marie Stratford

“Just as pure crystal takes color from the object it is nearest to, so the mind, when it is cleared of thought waves, achieves sameness or identity with the object of it’s concentration.”       Patanjali

Imagine the impact if we all got up in the morning and took time to receive god’s gifts and wisdom instead of rushing into our day with a mindless to do list of mostly unimportant things capturing our focus.

Imagine starting the day thankful for our blessings………mindful of the impact of the beauty that surrounds us 24/7 if only we choose to take the time to SEE it……….feel it………allow it in.

May you drop yesterday’s scorecard of hurt and anger and allow awe and wonder to take it’s place.

Allow love and compassion…..both given and received……to color your crystal today as your light touches and warms others.


One thought on “Let Love and Compassion Color your Crystal

  1. Thank you for these lovely words/ images. It touches my heart deeply after the feast filled day of gratitude. No longer can we play at the childish games of hatred and blame. I pray: May my thoughts be clear today knowing that only love will serve us, ALL of us.

    CaSandra May


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