I Can Choose; Therefore, I Can be Loving Kindness

By Marie Stratford

imagesI  can choose.

I can make a fist and smash it into a still pond….uncontrollably splashing water everywhere……

or, I can cup water in my hand and slowly let drops fall onto the surface of the still pond……gentle rings forming from each drop…….growing and joining as they hit the shore.

As we come here…spend time in this circle…..may we choose to calm and seek center in this world of turmoil and violence.

In sports we know the difference between what is practice and what is the game.

Sometimes……….in our spiritual lives……..we get practice and the game confused.  At church,  at a weekend spiritual retreat or morning contemplative time with God……that’s practice….important to the game…but not the game.

Life and how you choose to be……..how you choose to touch other’s lives and nature……that’s the game we practice for.

Loving-kindness Meditation by Joan Borysenko from Pocketful of Miracles.

May I  be at peace

May my heart remain open

May I  awaken to the light of my own nature

May I  be healed

May I  offer healing to others.

A nice practice.  A nice tool.  But it’s little until I open it up…….breathe it in…….actively live it and allow it to open my fist and make it an open hand as i choose how to live this moment…..this day with loving-kindness and compassion.


3 thoughts on “I Can Choose; Therefore, I Can be Loving Kindness

  1. I love this. If I want to live in the joy of freedom, no matter my outer circumstances, I must engrave this principle of choice in my heart, and then accept responsibility for my choices. Marie, your reflection here resonates a core issue worthy of long and deep reflection. Thank You.


      1. From New Monasticism by Adam Bucko “we need additional practices until we become naturally and spontaneously “in” our practice at every moment of our day. Then we are given the grace to live as an expression of yes to God at all times. Only then does our practice disappear and Wisdom manifest as not other then our life.”


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