For the Sake of Our Planet

By Sister Henrita Frost, SSND

December 12, 2015 is an historic day for our Planet – a major moment of mercy and compassion occurred for the home that sustains us.  The Climate Change Deal was approved by 40,000 delegates who accepted the agreement to stop global warming.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, tweeted immediately following its adoption

“It sets the stage for progress in ending poverty, strengthening peace and ensuring a life of dignity and opportunity for all.”  In his speech, the Secretary General issued a call for “All Hands on Deck.”  Those hands are our hands for the sake of the planet.

As I reflected on our planet Earth, a light dawned reminding me that we are not the only planet in the universe.  I wondered: are the other planets ok?  How are the stars and galaxies?

I don’t know the answers, but I do know that together we need to be “All Hands on Deck” with mercy and compassion for the sake of our planet with a remembrance of our Universe.

How will we each respond to this challenge from France’s President:

“It is rare to be given the opportunity to change the world,” said President François Hollande, wrapping up the meeting. “You have the opportunity to do that.”

Now let’s each move to some quiet time and ask:  Where shall I begin For the Sake of the Planet?

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