River Wisdom

IMG_8318-365x365” Enlightenment means waking up to what you truly are and then being that.  Realize and be, realize and be. Realization alone is not enough. The completion of self-realization is to be, which means to act, do, and express what you realize.”



” I prayed that she would gain the wisdom of the river, knowing which rocks to go around, which rocks to go over, and which to patiently carve through, drop by drop.”

From God in the Wilderness…..Rabbi Jamie Korngold


Combining the wisdom of both as I sit in silence this morning i feel that merely wanting to live filled with compassion…….reading about it…….taking classes about it……… talking about it can be parts of the “realizing”  but alone they result in an empty page.

To have the page not be empty, the borders can first be filled with the tiny actions of our days……….not waiting for some headline event……but following the wisdom and calm patience of a flowing river.

Small acts of kindness…….a steady practice over time………soon a go-to, natural response……..gradually smoothing the rocks we “choose to go over”…..changing us (the gliding current) and the jagged rock (the receiver of our small acts) and filling the page with life…..the energy of love, peace and compassion spreading much farther than we can imagine…….much like the power of the wings of a faraway butterfly.

The ones I “choose to go around” once were felt to be immense walls in the river and sometimes i allowed them to stop or slow me down.  Today I understand they were just not the rocks chosen for me……..”not my battles”.

Compassion for our planet…..the powerful lives of bees and monarch butterflies…..plants and flowers……..forests….clean water……conserving and using rain water in rain barrels…….. supporting the climate talks with responsible actions in how I choose to live, drive my car and use energy……..those are the rocks I choose “to patiently carve through, drop by drop.”

Something to “realize and be”……… small steps becoming a more conscious way of living……..living with a strong foundation with God and active hope and actions for our tomorrows.

To be.

Actively and passionately be.

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