Choosing Compassion of Thought, Tongue and Heart and the Vow of Nonviolence

By Henrita Frost, SSND

As time moves on, I often become increasingly aware of the overabundance of violence in words flowing from violent thoughts.  We are surely aware and overwhelmed by the growing global violence in actions.  We ask ourselves is there any hope that it will end. Is Peace, Shalom, Salaam, Frieden, Pace. . .  at all  possible?

If I stand outside the door of the Christine Center and breathe into the atmosphere – where does the breath go – perhaps tomorrow it will be in Honduras or Rome?  So what happens to my violent thoughts? Do they create a layer of energy that continues to grow, increase and add violence to the atmosphere? Where do those negative thoughts end up tomorrow?

When I open my mouth I have a choice to transmit compassionate or violent communications. Each of us has a choice – what shall it be?  Try this: stand in front of a mirror and watch your face as you utter compassionate words and then non-compassionate words.

When our violent thoughts transmit to speech – violent actions become possible. However, we know we can make a difference by practicing compassion of thought, tongue and heart.

Would you join me in finding the courage to practice compassion of thought, tongue and heart every day, one day at a time?  I close offering the Vow of Nonviolence from for you to consider.

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