The Lotus Flower and the Power of Muddy Waters


By Henrita Frost, SSND

Many months after reflecting, coloring, shading, – wondering, what does this symbolize to me – a mandala emerges. A pink lotus arises from muddy water, pure and beautiful.

This haiku comes to me:

Mud here, mud everywhere

Resting in my muddy pond

Lotus potential

Sometimes sitting in mud is a comfortable place to be. Why surface into the demanding moments in life?  Yet, I know the beauty and possibilities of a lotus for inner awakening, but I say, “not yet.”  Sometimes I need self-compassion to empower me to arise.

Another haiku comes:

Rising from thick mud

Accepting being lotus

Sprinkled with mercy

Rejoicing in the power of a lotus, but knowing the mud will come again, I move forward.  I pause for a moment of enjoying my mandala.

Then I notice the outer edge, an edge symbolizing tear drops – tears flowing for what is happening to creation – plants, flowers, water, climate change. . . .  The pink lotus beckons me – gives me hope – a compassionate heart is possible.

It leaves me pondering: what can we do together to bring mercy and compassion to our common home – Planet Earth?

Henrita has become a skilled Mandala artist. Read about her Mandala Journey. Interested? The Christine Center offers classes: Christine Center Mandala Art Open Studio


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