Compassionate Pause, Frozen by Chaotic Times, Melted by Advent

img_2844_4Advent 2016

by Henrita Frost, SSND

As I begin to write – my mind returns to its concerns to be a passionate voice for compassionate care for our insecure times.  It fluctuates between being stuck in chaos and reaching out for the arrival of Advent.

For consolation I rest in our Mary of the Angels Chapel.  My eyes move from one window to another and my heart rests on the green compassion window whose center seems resplendent with bubbles of compassion. I hope for their eruption to heal the chaos I feel.

Yet, there is a sense of hopelessness that extends from feelings about our national perplexity to the global violence situations.  Yet, I know hope is possible, for Advent initiates the waiting for Jesus, whose presence and arrival enables the overflowing of compassion into my life with strength and hope.

Suddenly, once again, fear and doubt enter and I ask, “Is anything possible that can change our times?

Once more I hear hope – surely the slow and faithful message of Advent.”  My heart continues to urge me to embrace the chaos of our times with compassion and hope.


One passionate voice
United with others brings hope
Ignites compassion

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