Compassionately Approaching Chaos

By Henrita Frost, SSND

 The Annunciation – Henry Ossawa Tanner – 1898 

Across from my desk is this image of Mary contemplating the invitation to be the Mother of Jesus.  The light radiates the call to her.  This image is often a comfort to me as I ponder my life.

I sit somewhat paralyzed as I feel the call to alleviate the chaos that permeates our nation. Once I learned that the challenge is always to embrace chaos.  Embrace it and respond!

How does one respond when feeling powerless with a heart etched with pain for immigrants, refugees and all beings suffering from the present actions of our nation?  I am haunted by this question:  How can we do this as a nation who misappropriated the land we live on from the Native Americans?  Perhaps we need to remember that we are descendants of immigrants.

I return to the haunting challenge to embrace the chaos and respond.  I know that I must do this in the here and now where I am. I look to Mary for a response remembering her at the foot of the cross and thinking of the moment that she walked away in deeper sadness than anyone will ever know.

Possibly the response is simple yet profound, to live each ordinary day in an extraordinary way. What could that be?  Am I capable of doing it?  I don’t know.  But I can try through choosing to allow passionate compassion to flow from my very being in thoughts, words and actions.

An ardent desire is also to join others in raising consciousness about the plight of refugees, immigrants and others suffering from the present executive orders.

My hope is to grow in the gift of self-compassion so that I am able to be generous with compassion, love and joy.

One thought on “Compassionately Approaching Chaos

  1. Thank you, Sister Henrita. Your words offer solace to me today, feeling the weight of much suffering and injustice in our world. Your mandala for refugees is beautiful and touching. Are there printed versions of this mandala available for sale?
    Peace to you too.


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