Compassion for All

By Henrita Frost, SSND

Compassion for all!

A tear stained voice pleads for it

For abused animals

As I listened to a television commercial about abused animals, I entered into a deep sorrow as I heard a voice that seemed to cry.  It led me into a profound realization of sensing suffering in all beings that exists today.

Present at my office window is a deer eating the edges of a bush.  Behind the deer is a squirrel jumping up on a bush.  Many animals journey around our roads in search of food.  However, the tears in the voice I heard penetrated deeper into my being with a message that food alone, absolutely necessary for sustaining life, will not completely satisfy – hunger will be ever present.

The hunger that is ever present is a universal hunger that exists within us for that which all beings need to become our full potential.  As I write the words “full potential” these words of the Loving Kindness Meditation began to speak within me –

May all beings be safe. . . May all beings be happy. . .

May all beings be healthy. . . May all beings live with ease of well-being. .  .


How great it would be if we could rub over the entire universe the gift of compassion that loving kindness enables within us. 

Valentine’s Day is here!  Embrace a Valentine’s Day challenge daily, share a heart full of love for everyone, also, let us continue what we are doing, wherever we are, to enable all beings to have what they need for their daily lives and for peaceful days.

If you need to do so, seek a way in your local areas to join with others and/or initiate a project that enables everyone to have the basic necessities of lifeWe’ll close with a Valentine’s pause by entering into silence and allowing Jesus’ words to sink into our hearts:  “Love one another, as I have loved you” (John 13:34).

2 thoughts on “Compassion for All

  1. Thank you, S. Henrita for your heart felt and wise words. I will bring up the image ” . . . where we rub over the entire universe the gift of compassion that loving kindness enables within us . . . ” when I meditate and go out into the world. 💗 Sheila


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