Seeking the Ever Present Moment, or How Puffs are Training for Presence

By Henrita Frost, SSND 

One day I asked myself what are you hungering for?  I truly hunger for the presence of the Divine within – the God of compassion.  For fleeting moments it happens and puff it is gone – my distractible mind did it again.  Wait it is back!  I entered the present moment again – briefly, but for sure – puff it is gone again.  O God, I am exhausted by puffs – I beg, give me only presence.

Give me only the gift to rest in the compassionate heart of the Divine.  I am grateful for fleeting moments of presence, but desire more and more the enduring presence.  I am beginning to know it is possible, if I am willing to give my time and energy to stopping everything and surrendering all I am to the Divine so I can be in the ever present now.  I ask myself are these just words or do I mean them?

My life has been a long journey of seeking the Divine and it will surely be so until I finally surrender my breath in its last moment.  In these times, it is the breath of compassion for which I hunger and yearn to bring to our sorrowful times.  Yesterday, I saw new life in the presence of a deer family taking a walk with their fawn.  Life is surely a mixture of joy and sorrow.  It is our journey to shower both experiences with compassion.

June 20 Is World Refugee Day

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