Brilliant light appears Awakening the souls path Spirit leads, hearts follow

By Henrita Frost, SSND

During the days following the 24-hour Global celebration of the Golden Rule on April 5, the vibrations of it continued to shake the earth – as did the feel of the tens of thousands of our sisters and brothers actively witnessing the significance of the Golden Rule to our global existence.  Yet, as the celebration energized our beings, the awareness of the pain and suffering of millions of our sisters and brothers was also in our consciousness.  The call to be involved in a revolution of compassion is here forever.  The Spirit’s call to awaken our souls, petitions our hearts to follow.

A few days prior to the Golden Rule Day, we entered into the Easter Season, the celebration of Jesus’ rising from the dead, the celebration that Jesus also arises in our own heart, his absolute love for all beings.  We were also aware of the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King who left us a message appropriate for Golden Rule Day:  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”  Martin Luther’s legacy surely inspires us as believers in the power of the Golden Rule, to send Light and Love to our distressed Universe.

Bringing Light and Love into a revolution of compassion inspires me.  Before us we have the 17 Sustainable Goals of the United Nations focusing on building a better world which can be found on the Charter for Compassion website.  For our reflection, I offer us the first three goals.  Imagine a world with these goals achieved!  Let’s each ask, how am I joined with others to achieve these goals?  The path is before us.  Let the Spirit lead and hearts follow.


Suggestion: Visit YouTube about the Global Goals:  ‘We the People” for Global Goals and “Sustainable Development Goals: Improve Life All Around the Globe”

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