Fire up Compassion

By Henrita Frost, SSND

Yes, fire up and create an unconditional compassion revolution! We wonder where to begin!  Start with self – transformation, growing a compassionate heart, one by one. It is a challenge that doesn’t go away, though we sometimes try to avoid it.

The call is to stand up before our chaotic world – stand, meet the chaos, feel the chaos, let it touch our hearts, break our hearts – feel the excruciating pain. Cry out in grief at the possible destruction of our planet, our home, and every creature.

Make a choice, practice love and compassion as pathways to walk together. Look to the right, look to the left and shout to each other: “Stand by Me!” “Stand by Me!” Our journey together will continue to be mysterious, but possible, for our God is within us who inspires and companions us on a hopeful, blessed passage to peace.

Recently, I attended the workshop “Hope and Sacred Activism” with Andrew Harvey.  So much was inspiring, so much was challenging.  The passionate wisdom expressed enabled the hope that my words might become meaningful actions and not just a continuous repetition of the same desires.  The challenge I received is to move forward, for a new being is evolving within me, with greater awareness of the presence of the Divine within – a transformed being, a Sacred Being.  With abundant expectation, I hope to move forward and stand by others, giving love, compassion and peace to our Earth Community.

“Treat others and the planet as you would like to be treated”


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